Family, Friends and Foes

There is an old saying, “you can’t make everyone happy”.

… and there is no better time to prove this point that when you are on vacation with family, friends, or complete strangers. BUT … I am going to say, chances are, you will keep strangers happier than you will the others.

I mean — have you ever looked at your vacation photos, REALLY looked? This could be the reason this blog is “photo-less” .

not one picture with everyone “happy”

Think about the last time you travelled non-solo. Did you give up something / anything you wanted, to please / allow others to do what they wanted instead? Now, take a mental picture of that moment … are you smiling?

Did you just want to spend the day on the beach with a good book and end up on some monkey jungle excursion in the back of an open 4×4 bouncing all over the place, sliding off the sweat of the stranger sitting next to you?

Did you want to check out some of the local cuisine, but settled for “the buffet” and have chicken nuggets like you do at home?


Have you ever gotten back home after vacation thinking — “I would have liked to have …..”

… there are two options available

  • dont go on vacation with anyone.
  • design your vacation with everyone in mind.

While it is nice to travel alone and do everything YOU want, when YOU want, and where YOU want (this relates back to a prior blog “all about me”) — most of the time we are travelling with others. Before going on that vacation, sit down with EVERYONE and do some planning. NEVER say “oh, lets just go have fun” – fun does not mean the same thing to everyone, and no matter how well you know that person … you don’t.

So, you’re going on a 7 day trip with 3 other people, say your spouse and another couple you have known for a few years – maybe one of his work-buddies and spouse. It’s to a place none of you have been. Does this mean it’s time to be adventurous and explore, or does it mean just sitting around the pool / beach and drinking? Of course, one thing to consider is cost. Are you spending your entire vacation budget on just being there (typically what happens when people chose an “all-inclusive” resort) ?? Are you thinking ahead, knowing you’re never going to be in the room all the time, so have picked out a smaller, less expensive room to allow you funds to do other things?

Either way … it’s 7 days — 4 people. PLAN THE WEEK so that everyone gets a day to chose what “they want to do”. Maybe the men want to go golf and the women want to hit the local markets. BOTH can be full day activities, but instead of ruining a full day for two people …. share the day and agree to meet back at a certain time for dinner.

… customizing your vacation

Just like a travel agent customizes your hotel and flight into a package, YOU should customize your days away, just to make sure everyone is happy.

Yes, you may not like (or even want for that matter) to sit in a cabana around the pool on Monday like Margorie chose .. but then come your day when you want to go horse-back riding on the beach (come on … who DOESN’T LOVE THAT IDEA???) Margorie may not like that idea either. You both have the options … allow them their moment politely without regrets or comments later and stay behind, or do it and come back with pictures of everyone smiling.

… just a suggestion

should you be travelling with others … save yourself the frustration right at the get-go.

  • keep your group to a small number .. less people to keep happy.
  • make sure there are no hidden ill-feelings amongst ANYONE.
  • most importantly … know where your escape is. ■

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