Yes, there is an app for that …

Yes … there is an app for this too

How many times have you started packing, got distracted, then by the time you got back to packing …. you forgot what you packed and where?

Or … have you ever gotten to your destination and needed something real quick but had no idea in which of 4 suitcases it was??

… you’re not alone

I’m the one that generally packs for everyone when we go on vacation. I pack my own bag(s), Toms bag (s) … and the dogs — (yes even the pups need a bag to go to “the spa” for their little get-away).

I’d say 90% of the time, there are ALWAYS arguments over what is/isn’t packed and where.

This last trip, I decided to check out packing apps.


Of course, there are probably thousands to chose from, but I was in a hurry and downloaded the easiest one I could find — the “PACK THIS” app.

You simply set up a trip, and add a category.

  • back-pack
  • carry-on
  • suitcase

Under each category, (do this as you’re packing) you simply ADD an item. Now I say, do this as you’re packing because why designate a category if you’re going to put it in a different spot later? As you add an item, a little circle pops up next to each – click on that circle and it shows it’s been packed — and what comes in handiest of all … LATER when you are looking for that (lets say) red shirt … simply open your app and you will see exactly where it is without having to dig your way through every bag, because you KNOW it’s going to be in the last bag you open.

Yes, a paper list works just as well … but … where did you pack that list??

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