va-cay date: October 19, 2019

All good things must (eventually) come to an end, and one of the things I liked about this cruise was that the itinerary allowed an entire day to recoup at sea. A chance to sit back and unwind from all the exploring, and wher eyou could find that perfect spot on-deck for your moments to relive it all and watch the clouds go by (even if they are storm clouds) out to sea.

Its also a time to start “packing it all away” — and just like packing FOR your vacation, there is a way to pack for POST-vacation. One of the added luxuries (which you pay for of course) on a cruise is that you can have laundry done (expensive-ly but done for you before you get home) so you are packing mostly fresh clothes. It’s one thing to bring your vacation home with you in the form of souvenirs etc., but you don’t have to bring home the sweat and other smells your clothes have taken on at the same time.

SHOULD YOU HAVE TO PACK DIRTY CLOTHES … one thing you might want to bring with you is a small white garbage bag (or two) and a few laundry dryer-sheets (Bounce) to throw those soiled clothes into so (1) you know what is dirty and whats not, and (2) to keep them all together. If you have multiple suitcase, you can always seperate clean in one nad dirty in the other. Another thing you can do PRE-CRUISE is pour some “Febreeze” into a small TSA approved bottle and upon packing your dirty laundry, soak a sock with the febreeze and throw it in the mix.

You POST VACATION packing should be as organized as possible so at any given time you are not frantically tearing things apart to look for “this or that”.

… packing apps

I found the “pack this” app online which I find very useful, especially when you find yourself with multiple suitcases. How many times have you “re-thought” your packing?? Wondering “did I pack this/that?”. “Where, did I pack this/that”? This app and others like it help you see where things really are.

WIth nothing to do but relax and pack, I’ve decided to give you a few more shots of our ship “FREEDOM OF THE SEAS” (Royal Caribbean).

bow elevator shafts
aft elevator shafts
Casino Royale
Vintages (wine bar) on the Promenade
Sorrento’s Pizza joint
The Schooner Lounge
The main Promenade
Main Promenade from 8th deck
Arcadia Theater

… the pools

H2O Zone (childrens water area)
Main pool with reserved “tier” loungers for suite passengers
the adult pool (The Solarium)
the Aft upper deck sun bathing area

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