va-cay date: October 17, 2019

the Pitons of St Lucia

This was one of the days we were really looking forward to on this cruise. Our boat tour to one of the most beautiful, natural wonders in the world — The Pitons. NOT volcanoes, but volcanic plugs. Numerous tours head to this amazing site, but the majority are by land to enter locations around their base where people spend hours in the sulphuric mud baths (sorry, I don’t wallow in mud .. and stick of sulphurs for days later). We decided to travel the coast by Catamaran where we would also be visiting 2 bays along the way, one in which we were allowed to swim in the Caribbean waters for 45 minutes.

Heading out to sea and several light squalls of rain

One of the most beautiful Bay’s in the Caribbean…

MARIGOT BAY, is one of those little treasures that suck you in as you come into it. Surrounded on three sides by steep lush forested hills, the bay is actually what they call a natural Hurricane Hole – a safe harbour for boats when bad weather approaches.

Years ago, (1967) the original Dr Dolittle film starring Rex Harrison had several of it’s scenes shot here. Even further in its past, because it was such a safe haven, there were numerous battles between the French and British navies as they fought back and forth to control the island.

Anse Cochin

Not the Bay of Pigs (Cuba missle crisis) most people think of when they hear the English translation. This beach was called so, because prior to man taking over, you really could swim with wild pigs. Once we took over, the pigs flew the coop. Here the water was so clear, there were spots upon entering where you could see down 3m/10ft to the moss covered rocks below. Being such a shallow bay, the waters average only 5degrees lower than usual air temps, making it the perfect location for bathers and snorkeller’s alike.

While anchored, several kayaks approached the catamaran with all kinds of things to sell, including dehydrated fish and sting-rays.

The Pitons …

Our first glance of the Pitons

A little disappointing at first, because as you can see, the weather was not the best as we approached what we had come all this way for, but .. eventually the squall passed over, and we were able to spend some time in front of these majestic cones before another system out to sea started making its way toward us.

Grande and Petit Piton

All-in-all, today’s excursion was a hit. Yes, it rained off and on, but in all honesty, when you are out at sea in the blazing sun, a little shower every-so-often is nice to cool you down (and at the same time, make you NOT realize just how much reflection-burn you are getting). Throw in meeting a great couple from the New England area, several glasses of RUM PUNCH .. it was great … even with a good storm chasing us in the end!

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