… all about me!

So you’re sitting there in a crowded restaurant … or maybe lounging poolside with yelling and screaming surrounding you … or standing in a line that seems to never move, when it suddenly hits you.

– it doesn’t matter your age –

Something clicks. You look around and wonder to yourself (probably all sorts of things, like why is that person wearing “that” — or why can’t they control those screaming children)THIS is not enjoyable.

I’ve seen “the revelation” with people coming “of-age” at all different phases in their life.

  • the twenty-something tired of partying and drinking all the time
  • the mother who is tired of doing everything for her children and husband
  • the under-paid employee tired of their mundane job
  • the retiree tired of being ignored as a person

Suddenly (well, in all honesty it crept up on me a little at a time), you’re tired of doing what everyone else is doing or expects of you. You brain starts saying

me … me … me!

… and why not?

Especially if/when you’re on vacation. I mean — this is supposed to be “your time”. This is probably something you’ve worked for, saved for and planned on for some time. So why shouldn’t you be in the spotlight??

Unless you are traveling solo, EVERYONE gives in to those they are with at some point. And more times than not, the “something” you wanted to do gets lost, put aside and sometimes even totally forgotten. It could have been something as simple as sitting in a lounger reading a book … sampling a glass (or 2, possibly 3 … or more) of wine and then savouring the best of the best. Personally .. for all the cruises Tom and I have been on, I have yet to see the stars at night out on the ocean — I’m usually in bed early and thinking about getting re-dressed to go out on the deck is too exhausting (so, yeah — this is my own fault). I mean … it’s probably the same as looking up at the sky while home, but to be out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by deep waters and darkest skies … it HAS to be something different. (I’ll let you know after this coming cruise).

stop saying “I wish I had”

So .. (going all the way to the beginning of this post) … you’re sitting at dinner, and you’re looking around the table at people you are with and everyone is getting the Pork Chop. But YOU want the Salmon.

Do it

Make this your “all about me” moment. Order the Salmon because later that night at home, if you had gone along with everyone else and gotten that dried out Pork Chop, you’ll be “wishing” …..

… what about me?

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